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Ladyboys from Asia

Joining our Ladyboy dating site is quick and easy. In just a few steps you can get your profile ready and start browsing through all of our Transgender members to find which Ladyboy is right for you. If you are looking for friendship, a relationship or just an occasional date, then DateLadyboys has got all the ingredients you need to match you with the Trans woman of your dreams.

DateLadyboys is mainly focussed on Asian Ladyboys and Trans-pinay but there are other Transgender women from all over the world on the site.

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Ladyboy dating site is one of the most popular Ladyboy dating sites, but also a place where you can find new Trans-minded friends. Our focus is on Asian Ladyboys from The Philippines, Thailand the rest of Asia, but Transgender women regardless of nationality and ethnicity can also join the site. Our male members are from all over the world too.

And the number of men looking to Date Ladyboys is increasing every day with greater awareness about Transgender issues in the media and daily news.

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Once you have joined our Ladyboys dating App site you can browse through a variety of profiles or search for other like-minded members. And when you see a nice Ladyboy or Trans-pinay who catches your interest you can send a message to attract her attention. Or you can just start a private chat or make use of our advanced Videochat function to get a better impression of your potential date.

Date Ladyboys has the benefit of an advanced search system to present you with the best matches, in your search for the Ladyboy of your dreams!

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Thai Ladyboys and Trans-Pinay from the Philippines

Transgender women (or Trans women or T-girls) are usually called Katoeys or Ladyboys in Thailand. In the Philippines Ladyboys are also called Trans-Pinay, but are often also called Ladyboys there too.

The derivation of Ladyboy is, obviously, namely the combination of "Lady" and "Boy" (or female and male). TransPinay is a combination of two words: Trans from Transgender and Pinay which is the local term for a woman (Filipina).

In Thailand and The Philippines, both Ladyboys and Trans-Pinays are tolerated, but they are not always accepted or respected. For many Ladyboys there is underlying prejudice and it is often difficult to find a good job or build a career. However, this is gradually changing with the increased awareness of Transgender issues and rights.

In The Philippines and in Thailand there are many Ladyboys working in the entertainment industry. This may be in bars, restaurants or nightclubs, or frequently in one of the very famous Ladyboy Cabaret shows in places such as Pattaya or Phuket.

When the term Ladyboy is mentioned, most people usually immediately think of Thailand or The Philippines, although there are Ladyboys living in countries throughout the rest of Asia. You can see Transgender women in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and even China.

Does Asia have more Transgender women than in the rest of the world?

This is difficult to answer as exact figures about the percentage of Trans women or Ladyboys in the total population is hard to quantify. Many Transgender women remain hidden from general society or are in the closet. However, according to experts, the percentage of the population who are Transgender in The Philippines and in Thailand is in line with that in the rest of the world. One of the main differences, though, is that Ladyboys in Asia are generally tolerated and therefore more visible. They can also blend in with the rest of the population better and sometimes it's hard to tell who is Transgender and who is not!

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With our Ladyboy Dating App you can check your matches while you sitting comfortably behind your PC, perform a search while taking a train to work from your laptop or tablet, read your messages on your smartphone. And Date Ladyboys is also 100% mobile-friendly without using the Ladyboy Dating App. That means you can enjoy our best ladyboy dating experience from any device!

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Dating Thai Ladyboys and TransPinay from The Philippines.

There are several reasons why Ladyboys from Asian countries are so popular amongst Western men. Many Asian men are relatively small in size and have a slight, almost feminine, build. Furthermore, the facial bone structures of Asian people are very similar in men and women. With high cheekbones and similar face shapes (according to foreign men), Trans-pinay and Ladyboys make very beautiful women and can easily "pass" as female. This may be even without any cosmetic surgery improvements.

There are many foreign men who are intrigued by Ladyboys and Trans-pinay women and dream of dating and maybe even marrying a beautiful Transgender woman.

Find the ladyboy of your dreams on DateLadyboys

This is where DateLadyboys comes in and the site helps match foreign men with the Ladyboy of their dreams. With a large membership base, you can find numerous profiles of beautiful Ladyboys, all looking for a foreign man to date and enjoy a long-term relationship with. Once you are a member of DateLadyboys you can send each other messages, send a gift, or express an interest in talking to each other via a voice chat. But there is also the option to get to know each other via a Webcam! In this way you get to know your potential partner before you have to travel to meet them, saving so much time. DateLadyboys is also mobile-friendly! That way, wherever you go, you can always look for a suitable Ladyboy to contact and start a relationship with.