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DateLadyboys is a unique Ladyboy dating site, specially created for foreign men looking to date Trans-Pinay women from The Philippines or Thai-Ladyboys from Thailand. We also have Trans women from other countries in Asia too!


We offer a "one-stop" dating site where men can find the Transgender woman of their dreams. And Trans women can look for a man who will love and cherish them, and treat them as the woman they really are!

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DateLadyboys is not like many other Ladyboy dating sites which have members from all over the world. We believe in focus and primarily cater for foreign men who love Asian Trans women. They may be Trans-pinay from The Philippines or Ladyboys from Thailand but are always beautiful T-girls. Oh..., and we have also have T-girls from Vietnam, Malaysia and even China on our site.

We also discourage stereotyping of Transgender woman and the idea that most of our members are looking for short term, paid liaisons.

Some of the best features of DateLadyboys

So, let's tell you some more About Us and why we are probably the only Ladyboy dating site you will ever want to join!

As we said, DateLadyboys is only focused on Trans women from The Philippines and from Thailand.

We have found that many foreign men much prefer to date a Ladyboy from one of these famous Asian countries. Partly as the girls themselves are so feminine, with great body shapes and facial features (high cheekbones for example). Even before such Trans women have any cosmetic or other surgeries they already look like, if not better than, genetic women. And, partly, as the awareness and reputations of Ladyboys and Trans-pinays is so high. Who hasn't heard of some of the famous, beautiful cabaret stars or beauty pageants contestants from The Philippines or Thailand?

DateLadyboys restricts membership of our site to Transgender women and men who are really looking for such beauties. We only allow Ladyboys and sincere and genuine men who are looking to date them. Most of our male members are looking for long-term relationships with Trans women, and maybe even marriage - who knows!

This restriction helps avoid any misunderstandings which may arise once a couple starts chatting and dating. The last thing we want is for the man not to realize that the beautiful lady he is talking to is a Transgender woman. And we don't want our T-girl members to be disappointed when she finds out that the man she has been chatting with only wants to have a short-term relationship. Or he is only curious or not serious.

High-quality ladyboy dating site

we want to maintain a high-quality ladyboy dating site with members who have common goals and can respect and get on with each other. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand about what being Trans is all about and don't have a true picture of Transgender women.

We aim to help change this by focusing on quality members who already undertaken research and have made a decision to date a T-girl. We also provide useful insights, helpful articles and special tips about dating Transgender women. Our experience in this regard is second to none!

DateLadyboys is regularly updated so you can be sure of seeing new members frequently. Of course, with our famed success rate, there is also a healthy turnover of members. As our Trans women and our male members get together and form relationships, sometimes they will become inactive as members.

Obviously, our success in bringing Ladyboys and Trans-pinay women together with foreign men has helped us build a first-class reputation as "the" site of choice for Transgender dating.

our site is very easy to join and this can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply enter some personal details and your email address so that we can send you a verification email and away you go! Just imagine, once you join DateLadyboys, it may be that within an hour you could have found the T-girl love of your life...

DateLadyboys if free for all Transgender women

Once you are a member and logged on, getting around the site is simple. Create your very own personal, interesting profile and add some of your best photos. Now, you are almost ready. You'll be amazed at the number of profiles of Trans women and the huge variety of men looking to date them. Simply click on a profile to read all about your possible future partner. Or book-mark 5 or 6 or more women and come back to review them again at your leisure.

DateLadyboys is free to join for all Transgender women from The Philippines or Thailand or other Asian countries. So, you are guaranteed one of the best selections of Ladyboys on the internet. What's more, we have a variety of membership packages to suit different requirements. Once you have chosen the one that's right for you, you'll find all sort of special features which take you one step close to your preferred Transgender woman!

Isn't it time you joined our community at DateLadyboys? Your life can be so much better with a Transsexual woman!

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