5 things not to talk about with your Ladyboy in bed

Sex doesn’t include only the main intercourse. It also implies the preceding flirt and foreplay making the most sensitive and vulnerable connection between partners. And exactly this vulnerability sometimes makes us to start a frank conversation after sex. Have you ever had a need to talk with a ladyboy after sex? Perhaps you have. Well, this article might be useful also for ladyboys. So what topics not to bring up in bed if you don’t want to spoil this sensitive moment with your partner? Here they are.

Never mention your ex-ladyboy girlfriends or partners

Look, a comparison with other people doesn’t bring anything good or pleasant in the relationship, in bed that doesn’t work at all. That’s why your ladyboy girlfriend wouldn’t appreciate your telling about ex-partners and what kind of sex you had with them. If you don’t want to hurt your partner or to make him/her jealous, don’t mention your ex-partners under any circumstances.

Certainly the communication between partners is the key rule of healthy relationship, and when the couple is used to talk about sex that significantly improves their sexual life. However nobody wants to hear any comments or advices right after sex about what happened just few minutes ago. Better to leave that for less intimate and vulnerable moment, when both are more open to such conversation.

Avoid talking about negative sexual experience with ladyboy

Never mention your ex-ladyboy girlfriends or partners
Never mention your ex-ladyboy girlfriends or partners

Imagine such situation: both of you just have seen probably every detail of each body after sharing the most intimate moments together. Do you find it an appropriate time to tell something like: “hey honey, you better to lose a few pounds”? In case you don’t want to spark a scene involving insults and heated discussion, avoid any negative comments about the appearance of your partner in bed.

You don’t want to bring any awkwardness to your romantic date with a ladyboy, right? That’s why bringing up such things right after sex and especially on the first date might make your partner feel like being trapped. If you don’t want your partner gets taken a surprise such things better to discuss in more casual setting and when all dressed up.

Don’t make a love confession to ladyboy at the first date

At that culminating moment when you are filled with strong and intense emotions some of you may say those three words that could significantly affect your relationship. Why is it a bad idea to say ‘I love you’ in bed for the first time? Because it may sound as meaningless words slipped of the tongue. Or it might be really an impulse without actual meaning or feeling that. Anyway nothing wrong to tell your partner you love them unless it’s going to be happen for the first time.

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