A Ladyboy waits for her foreign boyfriend

I’d felt quite a thrill when I first saw Jack’s profile on the DateLadyboys website. His main photograph showed him standing alongside a red car with no shirt on. I noticed he had a sparkle in his eyes and a lovely wide smile. The text with his profile said that he was looking for a Ladyboy or Trans woman between the ages of 25-35 for a long-term relationship. He planned to be in Thailand in late October and said he wanted to meet the Ladyboy of his dreams then.

And that’s why I was standing in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport, anxiously looking at the flight arrivals board to see if his plane had arrived safely. Yes, it had. I checked my watch for the twentieth time. He should be through in about 15 or 20 minutes, I thought. I felt a shiver of anticipation run through my body. I mentally went through all of the things we had talked about doing. The sight-seeing, the river cruise, the romantic dinners out and, of course, the shopping.

Learning all about Ladyboys  

Jack had asked me a lot of questions about being a Transgender woman. About what it was like being a Ladyboy living in Thailand. And how I first knew I was different to other male designated boys.

I know it’s a cliché but we really hit it off straight away. After a few exchanges of messages, I felt comfortable telling him all about what being Trans entailed. The challenges I faced with my family and society in general. What I thought and felt when I first dressed up in women’s clothes. And I tried to explain to him that Ladyboys are emotionally women. We might have an extra part between our legs (even though mine is well gone!), but we are still women. Just women slightly different to genetic women. We think like females, act like females and make love like women do. Although some say we have a bigger sexual appetite than natural females ?.

He asked me why so many Trans women, especially in Thailand and The Philippines, seem to be so beautiful. Taller than the average cis-gendered female, great facial bone structure and figures to die for. Was it the hormones we take from an early age? Or the cosmetic surgery many girls have—although to be fair many do not have major facial surgery. Some T-girls have a natural beauty which to me is quite unexplained. Then there is breast augmentation and, obviously, vaginoplasty.

I joked with Jack that he had been watching too many videos of Miss Tiffany or Miss Trans Universe beauty pageants. I said there are plenty of Transgender women in Thailand who are just “Miss Average”. They live regular lives working in shops or office or hotels. To all intents and purposes, you would never know they are Ladyboys.

Ladyboys are in high demand  

Suddenly, an older foreigner tapped me on the shoulder and it gave me a start. He asked me if I spoke English. He wanted to know which floor check-in was. This happens a lot to me. That’s is, foreigners try to start talking to me, maybe as a way to start a conversation to get to know me. I don’t know. This man asked me a few other questions, but I finally said, “Sorry, I am waiting for my foreign boyfriend, he’s just arrived at the airport. I’ve got to look for him.” The man took the hint and left.

With your good looks and great personality, you are the dream Ladyboy for many foreign men.

I smiled to myself. “Foreign boyfriend” sounded good. Even though I had not met actually met Jack, we knew a lot about each other. That, to me, is one of the greatest things about sites such as DateLadyboys. Not only have they specialized Trans dating sites where all male members know they are talking with T-girls, but Ladyboys like me know we are talking to genuine men. We can really get to know each other before we actually meet. No mistakes, no misunderstandings. Much lesser risk of any problems arising if the man doesn’t know we are Transgender and gets angry when he finds out.

When I first looked at the dating site, I must admit, I was surprised at how easy it was to join. It was also very quick to register and start searching for a man. Actually, I have to give thanks to my friend Pat for pushing me to join. ‘You are sure to find a nice man on DateLadyboys,” she had said. “With your good looks and great personality, you are the dream Ladyboy for many foreign men.” Let’s hope she is right!

Trans women appeal to so many foreign men

Jack and I have talked about our likes and dislike in terms of things like food, colors, TV show and films and sport. We talked about what we do in our spare time and about things we really like to do. I know Jack has a good job in the tech industry and much of his work is online. My hope is that if things go well between us in the two week he is here in Thailand, then he can move here and be a “digital nomad” as we call them. That is, someone who can work from home, or anywhere really, so Jack might be able to relocate here and still work.

I was still reminiscing about some of our conversations when I saw him, pushing his baggage trolley. “Wow…, so handsome,” I thought.

He saw me and we rushed towards each other. “My goodness Nok, you are even more beautiful than your photos on DateLadyboys,” he cried as he let go of the trolley and hugged me. “Really beautiful!”