At x-mas time, a Ladyboy ponders the type of man she’ll meet

I gave it a lot of thought but, once I’d decided to join DateLadyboys, I began to feel really quite excited. It was the day before x-mas and I had a few days holiday coming up. I didn’t feel like going to any x-mas parties, though. My plan was to find a man to date for the new year!

It was rather exciting to think of all of the nice men I was likely to meet on the site. Men from so many overseas countries who like Ladyboys. I can see men on the site from the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and so on. Plus, men from Australia, the Middle East and even Singapore and Hong Kong. I never guessed so many men would be online over the x-mas season.

Actually, in some ways, I’m quite surprised that so many men like Transgender women but, there again, I guess they realise that we are just like other women. Although some Ladyboys, like me, have a small difference which we were born with.

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Date Ladyboys – Ladyboy Dating Site with a focus on Asian Trans women

Ladyboys share some experiences of men they meet

My Ladyboy friends have shared some of their experiences with me about dating foreign men. Of course, everyone is different but it seems there are two types of men who like to date Ladyboys. I’m not going to include those who have a “fetish” for Transgender women or are just curious and are only looking for a short-term relationship. Maybe even as short as one hour! They are not the type of man most Ladyboys wish to meet. In fact, these types of men often call us names such as “she-male” or “chick with a dick” which are really not very nice.

No, the two types of men I am talking about are:

  1. those who like Ladyboys who still have their penises but outwardly, and to all intents and purposes, look and act like women and;
  • those who like Ladyboys who have had full gender confirmation surgery, and have vaginas. Most Ladyboys, if they can, have breast implants but even those who do not may have small breasts due to the female hormones they take.

When I looked through the DateLadyboys site again yesterday, you can see men who are looking for both types of Ladyboys. The numbers are almost equal. For those men looking for a post-operative Ladyboy, I imagine they are looking for sexual activity more akin to being heterosexual. They probably see the beautiful Ladyboys of Asia of the epitome of femininity.

After all, if you look at a selection of Ladyboys from Thailand or Trans-pinay from The Philippines, many are truly stunning. They are tall and graceful and it’s easy to see what foreign men fall in love with them. When it comes to the bedroom, most post-operative Ladyboys are content to play the feminine, more passive role. But, having said this, it’s very likely that they know what a man really likes in bed and can use this to their advantage.

Different types of Ladyboys like different things

Then there are Ladyboys like me. I like to think I’m attractive but am not as tall or as beautiful as the famous cabaret stars. However, I have had many men approach me wanting to date so know I have something! Yet, maybe the key difference with some other Ladyboys is that I actually like my penis. Let me explain some more.

I am a Transgender woman, no doubt. I am what’s often called a Ladyboy, no doubt. In fact, I probably should just say that I am a woman. Certainly emotionally I am, and my physical appearance is that of a female. I take a variety of hormones on a daily basis. I had silicone size “C-cup” breast implants when I was 18 and live and work full-time as a woman. Unlike some other Ladyboys who take hormones, these have not adversely affected my ability to get an erection. Nor have they affected my ability to enjoy sex, with my penis being a participant.

For those who don’t know, taking certain female hormones tend to make a penis flaccid and not able to stay erect. Some Ladyboys don’t mind this as they don’t like their penises but do not wish to have them removed for cost or religious reasons.

Ladyboy dating with a focus on Asian Trans-women

As I said, this is not quite me. Despite my overt femininity, I do like to be active in bed. But let me first say that what I am going to say next only applies to those (few) men with whom I have had a longer-term relationship. I do not sleep around for the sake of it. I am looking for someone to love and be with me for the long-term.

Back to sex. I like to lead the “action” sometimes, but can equally be as passive as my partner wants. I can be on top or on the bottom as it were. Insert or be inserted, I don’t mind. I know this appeals to many foreign men. Actually, I think it’s part of the fascination with Ladyboys.

Date Ladyboys – find the perfect man

We absolutely look like a female, although Ladyboys like me can give an “option” or alternative to “plain vanilla” sex. I like to make my sex partner enjoy himself. As you may have heard, many Ladyboys have a higher sex drive than genetic females. I’m not 100% sure why this is but it may be that there is residual testosterone in our bodies.

Whatever the reason, I’m about joining the DateLadyboys site, and I am looking forward to meeting up with my perfect man—and hope I can be his perfect Ladyboy too! Or, maybe you can call me the ideal x-mas present, ha, ha, ha!