Do Ladyboys Date Versatile men?

And now let’s talk about pretty intimate but still significant topic in ladyboy dating. Considering that sex life plays a key role in most of relationships many ladyboy dating sites even have a special option to indicate a sex role (top, bottom or versatile). Aimed at reducing an amount of questions and clarifying things from the beginning, sometimes it causes doubting and controversial feelings from the both sides, whether men or ladyboys. So what if a man saying that he’s versatile risks to be rejected by ladyboys? Or per-op trans lady has difficulty finding a right partner?

What do think ladyboys meeting a versatile guy

If to give a look at the ladyboy dating sites there can be found quite a lot of profiles of versatile men. Or when a ladyboy discovers about this fact during chat with some guy that might cause many questions on her mind: “did he have sexual encounters with other men either?” or “how often she should be in active role?” etc. In some sense, trans ladies may be feeling themselves somehow less “women” than they expect to be accepted. Anyway no reason to feel frustrated, ladies!

In fact, not all men are versatile even if they claim such to be. Some of them choose such option on their profiles in hope to attract as much ladyboys possible. Especially new guys who just discover the ladyboy world. Surely there are guys who truly prefer passive (bottom) role, same as there are ladyboys who stating they are active (top). We all have individual preferences, thus the sexual roles and compatibility is the matter of couple.

What does mean being “versatile”

In simple words, it’s about switching roles between partners during intimacy. Basically trans ladies for the most part prefer to play a feminine passive role, same they are mostly associated with it.

What does mean being “versatile”?

Whereas men mostly assume an active role alike it happens between men and cisgender women. However, it’s pretty ambiguous matter. Being versatile doesn’t consider exclusively an act of penetration, but also might be meaning the oral sex. That’s why before making hasty decisions better to clear things up.

Should a ladyboy reject?

Sure thing that men who prefer dating with ladyboys are not gay. Just there are guys who have the same kind of sexual preferences. If you are a trans lady strongly believing that you should be treated as a real woman by all means, than it wouldn’t be difficult to decide to reject or not. However, there is a difference between “someone you like” and “someone you love”. In the sense, that we are more open and ready for experiments with the partners we love. Strong healthy relationships are about being ready to give and receive in all senses. That’s why if you’re in a relationship with a versatile partner you find new ideas and possibilities to make this relationship work. And the most important thing that for both it would be an experience of free will, done in comfortable and natural way.