Foreign men dating beautiful Ladyboys

“Well, the first thing I plan to do is check out the DateLadyboys Ladyboy dating site,” answered Ray. “See if there are any new Ladyboy members living in Phuket. There are dozens and dozens of Trans women on the island.”

“Oh… oh, I see,” said his friend Calum, his mouth open in surprise.

“Well, you did ask me what’s the first thing I plan to do when I get back to Thailand,” smiled Ray. “So, I thought I’d better tell you the truth. I’m hoping to date a beautiful Ladyboy. I’m what you can call a “Trans attracted” man!”

“But…, Ladyboys. They’re the same as Transgender women, right?” asked a still startled Calum. “You know, chicks with dicks and all that.”

“My oh my, Calum. You really are behind the times,” laughed Ray, as he pointed to the sofa in his apartment. “Sit down there and I’ll tell you what’s been happening over the last five or six years or so with regard to Ladyboys and Transgender women. Here, have a look through the DateLadyboys site on my i-pad whilst I make a cup of coffee.”

Ladyboys are fundamentally women

Calum scrolled through the Ladyboy website as Ray had suggested and soon he was murmuring, “Wow, so beautiful!”, “Stunning”, “She’s gorgeous!”

“See, I told you,” said Ray as he sat down next to Calum and handed him a cup of coffee. “So many beauties…. But Ladyboys are generally seriously misunderstood,” Ray began, as he sipped the hot liquid. “There have always been prejudices against people who are different, and especially the so-called “third-gender”. What many people don’t realize is that Trans women or Asian Ladyboys are, to all intents and purposes, women. They are emotionally women and, certainly for post-op Trans women, physically women. Look at some of those photos and tell me that they are not women. More beautiful and more feminine than many genetic females.”

“I tend to agree,” said Calum. “Some of them look like models. But don’t you think it’s a bit strange dating someone who used to be male. And what if she still has her penis?”

“Like I said Trans women are not really male. And have never been really male. Don’t forget gender is more than what’s between your legs. It’s how you feel inside, how you view yourself. How society sees you.”

“I guess so, but what about the penis bit, doesn’t that make you gay if your girlfriend has a penis?”

“Many Ladyboys have had their male organs removed and have fully functioning vaginas. Those who haven’t roughly fall into two camps. There are those who still have their penis but don’t like it, and don’t want to use it. And those who still have it and see it as part of sex-action. It’s really up to the individual. Honestly, for me, I don’t mind either type of T-girl, I’m just generally Trans oriented. In fact, in the modern-day, it’s not really anyone’s business what someone else does in bed.”

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Date Ladyboys – Ladyboy Dating Site with a focus on Asian Trans women

Ladyboys have many advantages over genetic women

“Mmm…, true,” said Calum, stroking his chin. “I can see some advantages of having a Trans girlfriend. I read somewhere that they have a higher sex drive than women, fewer mood swings and, of course, Ladyboys can’t get pregnant.  But why do you need to join a Ladyboy dating site? You could just find a Ladyboy in bar in Phuket and go from there?

“It’s quite simple, really,” replied Ray. “As beautiful as many of the Ladyboys who work in one of the bars or cabaret shows are, I don’t know much about them. I can spend time talking to them only to find that we are not compatible. Not to mention that I’d have to hang around several places looking for a Ladyboy who appealed to me and was single.”

“I see. So, if you are a member of the DateLadyboys site, you’ve got a much better selection of Ladyboys to choose from.”

“Yes, but, importantly, I can sit at home with my i-pad and start chatting with any of the Ladyboys I like on the site. I can ask them all sorts of questions, find out about their likes and dislikes and also what they are looking for a man. I like to know about their academic qualifications and life ambitions. After all, a long-term relationship has to work from the point of view of both parties. I also encourage the Ladyboys I am chatting with to ask me questions. I want to be sure we have something in common. Just like regular dating really, you only get engaged to or marry someone you love. My goal is to have a long-term relationship as I will be retiring to Thailand next year.”

“But you are going to Phuket again soon, right?”

“Yes, and I plan to meet three or four of the Ladyboys I have met online when I’m there. I have a good idea already which one is likely to be suitable for me but I want to meet them all in person. Just to be sure.”

Calum sat quietly for a few moments as he absorbed what Ray had just told him. He bit his lower lip. “Hmmm…, if what you are telling me is true, maybe I should join DateLadyboys too!”