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In April, 2015 the European Union Court of Justice (EUCJ) made a significant statement. A statement taking a step backwards in the human rights and impacting on the rights of transgender community.

The court found that forbidding to sexually active gay men the blood donation can reduce the risk of illnesses. Such as HIV getting to the blood supply. The case came from a complaint of French citizen Mr. Geoffrey Léger. Who claims that he got banned from the blood donation because he got involved in sexual relations with another man.

It might be considered as a real assault on the human rights and, particularly, LGBT rights.

But what remarkable about this declaration is that the EU court took into account sexual orientation instead of sexual behavior. After all, hetero couples that have promiscuous sexual relations are also in the risk group. However they are not banned from the blood donation because they are heterosexual. Therefore, ladyboy dating shouldn’t be a reason to worry about as well. Especially if it’s done not as a random impulse of passion, but with a right person at the right place.

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When you meet someone on ladyboy dating site usually you’re getting to know each other. And during a chat or after few meetings it’s possible to figure out does that person belong to the risk group or not.

Definitely sex education and habits varies from country to country. But as we’re here for ladyboy dating, it doesn’t differ from heterosexual dating. Anyhow if to consider the precautions we all know to maintain our sexual health. Just keep in mind and don’t neglect the same common rules of safe sex as you would date any other person.

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There is a common stereotype that having a sex with transgender person is putting yourself at risk. In fact, the risk is not related by the sexual orientation, but some certain sexual habits or behavior.

To be grounded in this matter better to visit the Red Cross website where we can find all accurate information. The risk list based on the objective points of view by professionals which are working in several countries. According to the latest information, America’s Blood Centers and the Red Cross decided to make adjustments in the blood donation policy. A lifetime deferral changed too one-year deferral in reference to men who have had sex with men.  Which is relevant to transgender community as well.

In consideration of the fact that certain part of transgender women who are working in the sex industry, the risk can be there. On the other hand, men having sex with transgender people may be ranked among risk group only if their sexual behavior is unstable at all. The same picture we can see when people with a heterosexual orientation having several random sexual partners can present the high level of risk. So is sexual orientation or being transgender still a reason to label a person?