Ladyboy dating in the Philippines

Before to start this guide it’s should be noted that Subic Bay in the Philippines is not the greatest place to find ladyboys. The reason is not because of the lack of ladyboys in this location, but since the most tourist activity is concentrated in other places, trans girls prefer to work in Angeles City which is nearby. Here you may wonder whether it is worth paying attention to this place at all – well, perhaps Subic is inferior to the number of ladyboys to the tourist forefront such as Cebu, Manila and Angeles, anyway some sexy nice girls can be found also there.

One of the Subic benefits you would appreciate is that ladyboys there are more authentic and they are not much spoilt by the attention of foreigners. That’s why if you will be nice and courteous to them, then you will conquer their hearts without any problem. In this way, “quality is better than quantity” is very suitable to describe this place. If you have a week or so to stay in Subic Bay and if trans girls are not the one and only reason you visit the Philippines, then it should be a good choice for vacation.

In addition, you can always check out girls living in this location on ladyboy dating site such as DateLadyboys and find your date. Perhaps it’s the safest and most reliable way of meeting a ladyboy in Asian countries. Moreover, you get much wider the range of search considering that there are singles not only from Subic, but all over the Philippines, and Thailand as well.
And now as it was promised at the beginning of this article let’s observe a few ways to meet ladyboys in Subic Bay.

Ladyboys in local bars

Basically the girly bars oriented on foreign visitors are placed along Barrio Barretto, however most of those bars following the strict policy don’t accept ladyboys. But since any rule has an exception, there’s Count Nikolas which is famous for welcoming really good-looking ladyboys. It’s the leading ladyboy bar in Subic, and the real girls mostly serve for filling up the room of the bar because men visit this place not for them, but for ladyboys!

Night clubbing with ladyboys

This time we are moving to the capital of Subic region, Olongapo, for the most popular nightlife spot Nocturnal Club. Girls and ladyboys usually come together in small groups and as you already guessed not only for drinks and dancing.

Definitely Fridays and Saturdays are the best time to hang out in this place when the club is full of visitors, but in case you drop in even on other day of the week you will find someone nice for sure. What you can do is just give a look around and if you see some girl that you like just smile to her. Usually they easily go to the contact – if she gives you a positive reaction in answer, you can start some talk and buy her a drink.

And for the guys who dare to look for ladyboys on the streets we can suggest to go along the main street of Barrio Barretto if only here it is a matter of chance. One day you can take a walk and spot a few of them, another day – you will not find any at all. So obviously it’s better to try out one of the methods mentioned earlier.

Meeting ladyboys

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