Ladyboy takes some dating advice

“A foreign man I’ve been “dating” on the ladyboy dating app DateLadyboys says he’s going to come and visit me in ten days’ time!” cried Nop. “He’s from France and will stay in Bangkok for 10 days. Oh… so exciting. I can hardly wait to meet him!”

“Hmm…, you didn’t tell me you’ve been using an online dating site,” said Nui. “What’s it called again? DateLadyboys?”

“Yes, that’s it. It’s a site only for Ladyboys and men who admire us, and want to have a long-term relationship. I joined up for free about 1 month ago. I get messages from new men almost every day. It seems like the are thousands of men looking to date Ladyboys nowadays,” Nop laughed. “I think Thai Ladyboys are more famous than ever.”

“True…, but Nop, you have to be a little bit careful. Some men think we are all cabaret stars or work in bars or nightclubs. They don’t realise we have every day lives just like other women. We have to work hard for a living,” continued Nui. “How long have you known this man? And what’s his name?”

Ladyboy is about to meet a man she has been dating

“He first contacted me almost 3 weeks ago and we have been chatting every day, morning and night. He’s very handsome,” smiled Nop, with a dreamy look in her eyes. “Says his name is Anton and he has been to Thailand many times. He said he has been looking to date a Ladyboy like me for the last year or so. Someone with a good education and a good job. Plus, it helps that I speak some French as he said he wants the right person to go to live in France with him. Oh… I am so excited, I can hardly eat or sleep for thinking about him.”

“Well, just be careful as I said,” reminded Nui as she put her arm around Nop. “You’re still only 22, don’t make hasty decisions. Make sure Anton is genuine and understands what it means to be dating or in a long-term relationship and living with a Ladyboy. After all, we are all quite special, you know.”

Nop gave Nui a big hug. “Yes, thank you Nui. Thank you for your advice. I hope you can meet him when he’s here. Give me your opinion about him.” She sat down on the arm of the sofa and crossed her legs. “Nui…, there’s just one thing I want to ask you buy I’m a bit shy. Don’t know how to start.”

Ladyboys worry about dating too

“Oh, you can ask me anything about dating foreign men,” replied Nui. “That’s why they call me “Auntie Nui”. I’m older than most of you younger Ladyboys and so have seen it all before. What do you want to ask?”

Nop’s face flushed as Nui sat down on the sofa and held the younger Trans woman’s hand. “Well… hmm, well it’s about… sex.”


“Don’t tell anyone but honestly I’ve never slept with a man. Sure, I’ve kissed a man and we’ve been quite passionate.” Nop paused, still looking slightly embarrassed. “I’ve.., well, you know… I’ve never been naked with a man. Never been to bed with someone. What do you think I should do?”

Nui folded her arms and looked at her friend with a smile. “First of all, don’t worry…” she began. “It will all happen naturally, if it happens that is.” She thought in silence for a few moments. “You still have your penis, right? Does it “work” or have the hormones made it almost unusable?”

Nop nodded, “Still got it. Yes, and I think it can still work. What are you thinking?”

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Dating Ladyboys offers several “options”

“Well, if you are not one of those Ladyboys who really hate their penis, you can use it as, how can I say, your dating “point of difference”. Just like there are different types of Ladyboys, there are different types of men. Have you talked to Anton about this?”

“Actually, yes we have chatted about this,” Nop replied with a grin. “He says he can be flexible.”

“I think most men can be. You just need to decide or agree the “ground rules” as it were. From my experience most men like Ladyboys because we are feminine and graceful. At the risk of sounding conceited, many men also find Ladyboys are more attractive than genetic women. Then there is the second reason they like Ladyboys.”

“Second reason?” queried Nop.

“Yes, many men like the fact that we still have a penis. We may have breasts and look like a woman, but we have something “extra”. Of course, it’s up to you how you use yours but I know many men like the fact that you have penis. It adds that extra spice to your sex life when a partner can both “give and take”, don’t you think?”

Nop was deep in thought. “Oh… oh, er yes. I see what you mean Khun Nui. Well, I can be flexible too. Probably best wait until Anton gets here and see how it goes. Although I might check out the DateLadyboys site again to see if any of the other T-girls else can share details of their “experiences” with a French man,” she laughed.