Ladyboys come in all shapes and sizes

Being a Ladyboy or a Trans woman is not something anyone would voluntary choose. It’s far easier just to be one gender, without feeling you were another. Having a match of mind and body. Or being “hetero” in terms of sexuality, instead of not being sure which sexuality you are due to your gender confusion…

Being Trans is not discriminatory, in the sense that anyone, anywhere can be Transgender. There are no distinguishing aspects which mean that a certain type of person is going to be Trans. In fact, it’s not yet clear whether it is hereditary or not. But it is clear that being Transgender is genetic, and is something people are born with and is not a social construct.

So, when we say Ladyboys come in all shapes and sizes, what we really mean is that Trans women are all really quite unique. There are no clear defining features as to what makes a Ladyboy!

To demonstrate this, let’s take a closer look at some of the issues associated with being Trans:

  • social status: in Thailand and The Philippines, Ladyboys come from all sectors of the social strata. There are poor Trans women and Trans women from middle class and from rich families. The amount of wealth a family has does not determine whether their offspring is a Ladyboy;
  • nationality: there are Ladyboys evident throughout all Asian countries, maybe the most famous being from Thailand and The Philippines (Trans-pinay). But there are T-girls in Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and so on. Plus, if we look further afield, there are multitudes of Trans women in Europe, the US, UK and Australia. Some more hidden than others in those countries suffering from the hypocrisy of religious dogma… but they are still there!  
  • educational levels: again, education attainment has nothing to do with being a Ladyboy or a Trans woman or not. Some Trans women are proud owners of PhDs, or Master or Bachelor’s degrees. Yet others leave school with limited educational attainment only to be become successful business people or carve out a great career in their chose field;
  • profession: there is the full spectrum of Trans people from doctors, dentists and rocket scientists (in the US), surgeons and wealthy tech entrepreneurs. Then, there are Trans show girls, bar girls, office workers, shop workers; marketing and sales specialists and so on;
  • transition status: moving to a more personal aspect of being Transgender, there is a question that many Ladyboys get asked constantly. In fact, it has nothing really to do with other people and any Trans woman has the right not to answer.

Simply put, your gender has nothing to do with what is between your legs. Your gender is about what’s between your ears, ie in your brain!

So, the first question many Ladyboys get asked when someone meets the for the first time is: “Have you had the “op”?” (meaning gender confirmation or removal of your penis). Not only is this too personal a question but it also shows a degree of ignorance about it means to be a Ladyboy or Trans woman.

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Indeed, to be a Ladyboy may mean that the lady in question has:

  • not had any surgeries (ie not had breast implants or genital surgery); she may be on hormones but, again, that’s personal too, as she not be;
  • had some facial surgeries to feminine her look, such as nose alteration or chin adjustment or brow lifting but neither of the above surgeries (ie no breast implants or genital surgery);
  • had her breasts done (“top surgery”) but not the “bottom” (ie she still has her penis);
  • had both top and bottom surgeries done

Clearly, physically, as well as mentally, there are all sort of Ladyboys. Turing to the last big difference in different Trans woman:

  • sexual orientation: this is an aspect which catches some men by surprise. Sometimes men just assume about a Ladyboy’s sexual orientation without knowing, without doing any research. Most assume that a Ladyboy is an adjunct to being gay. She is not, she is a woman, But, there again that does not mean she likes men; or likes men exclusively (ie at the expense of liking women too). Some Ladyboys like men or women, or some like only women. Some like to be the protagonist and dominate sexual proceedings, some are receptive and passive. No one size fits all as the saying goes!

So, now you know that Ladyboys do, indeed come in all shape and sizes! And there is definitely a Trans woman out there for you, just be patient and you’ll find her!