Long Distance relationship with Ladyboy Girlfriend

Many of us guys saw ladyboys online and were attracted by their beauty and prettiness. That makes a lot of men dream about full-time relationship with such special girls. Nonetheless for the average person such idea is not always a possible option. Not every man is ready to move to live in Asia and sometimes it’s quite complicated to bring over a ladyboy from one country to another to live together. At first glance such relationship seem impossible, but it’s not so at all. This post mainly is for those guys who are interested in online dating with ladyboys and it’s not about every ladyboy, there are usually exceptions to the rules.

Basically there are 3 possible reasons to have an online ladyboy girlfriend:

  1. Vacation Ladyboy Girlfriend – probably you had a vacation in Asian country, Thailand for example, and met there a ladyboy. Perhaps you just got her contact information or you spent all time together visiting various tourist sites and beaches of Thailand.
  2. Social Networks – you met her online probably through a dating site such as DateLadyboys, or Facebook or another one online dating platform.
  3. You’re going to live in Asia for a long time – perhaps you have a flexible job or you’re able to visit Asia fairly often and to stay there for a long periods of time or you’re retired. Probably you have a girlfriend which lives with you every time you go there and you take care of her.

So what is exactly a purpose of this article? Such sweet and lovely ladyboys sometimes can do a lot of things behind your back during your absence. It’s not related to all of them, but for the most part especially those who are used to work in bar tend to be naughty when you’re not with them. Even those ladyboys who don’t work in bar usually have a list of customers on a regular basis.

Long Distance relationship can be hard and complicated

Here are a few points you should mind in a long distance relationship:

  1. Asking For Money – quite possibly a ladyboy will ask you for some money every month. Usually she can explain that on the basis of the following reasons.
  • She loses a steady income leaving the bar scene and not meeting with customers anymore which means she wants you to help her.
  • The ladyboy might mention about parents that she must support and since she doesn’t earn money she wants to know if you can help. Actually in Thailand the family support is quite common thing – children getting older usually send to their parents money.

In reality most of the ladyboys will not quit their job in bar and therefore will make even more money than before. Because the ladyboy continues getting salary in bar and she also gets some cash that you are sending her. No doubt she will really help her family, but how much money will she give them, you would probably discover that most of that money stay in her pocket.

This counts for both Ladyboys and men:

  1. Having Sex With Other Guys – if you are not living with your ladyboy girlfriend there are good chances that she still has relations with other foreign customers or probably even has an Asian boyfriend. While spending a time with foreign guys the ladyboys sometime get calls from their boyfriends. Some of them don’t answer, some do.
  2. Probably You’re Not The Only Online Boyfriend – some of the ladyboys learn quickly how to manipulate men getting money and gifts from them. They believe that in fact most of these guys will never come to Asia that’s why they can have few online boyfriends at the same time getting benefits from that. If one actually decides to visit his ladyboy girlfriend she will probably disappear or will stop talking with other boyfriends until the guy leaves.

Again, this article is not about all Asian ladyboys, there is a good chance to have successful relationship long distance wise. Looking at all of the above these girls don’t seem saints at all, but you have to keep in mind that foreign guys might play with them also. Every day the ladyboys hear from foreigners how they feel happy to meet them, how they love them and how they are going to marry them and then these foreign guys just disappear. There are lots of unfulfilled promises on both sides, and to make the relationship really work better to stay honest with each other.