So, you want to date a Ladyboy?

date ladyboys

Right, so you have thought hard and long and have finally made a decision to join DateLadyboys. You looked around, surfed the internet and have picked one the best ladyboy dating site you can find. Plenty of beautiful Ladyboys, all looking to find a Trans attracted man to date.

You’ve done the easy part, signed up to the site and agreed to a membership package. Now you have to prepare some words for your dating profile, assemble several nice photographs and get ready to start dating. You’ve skimmed some of the profiles of Ladyboys on the site and “ooo’d” and “aahed” at how good they look. You’ve also picked up on some of the key points of their profiles, such as the shape of their figures.

But before you decide to indiscriminately start firing off messages to all of the Ladyboys who attract you, do take a few moments to ask yourself some questions. You may have asked some of them before but, if you are serious about finding your perfect Ladyboy for a long-term relationship, then being well prepared is the key. Of course, we all know that matters of the heart have a high degree of emotion attached to them. And sometimes rationality goes out of the proverbial window. The heart often rules the head. But successful Ladyboy dating and building a long-term relationship takes practice and time. Just like regular dating so it’s wise to step back and look

Ask yourself some questions before you date a Ladyboy

So, here are some questions you may like to ask yourself:

  • Why? Simple question but maybe a difficult answer, or at least an answer that needs some thought. Do you wish to date a Asian Ladyboy because Ladyboys always seem to be beautiful, feminine and charming? Or you think that they are better in many ways to genetic women? Or maybe you have a friend who has successfully dated a Trans woman?
  • Have you ever met a Ladyboy or are just fantasising? Many Trans oriented men have never met a Ladyboy. Sure, they have seen the stunning Thai Ladyboys in cabaret shows or Trans-pinay in one of the many Filipino beauty pageants. But never met a Ladyboy in person. Yet. Is dating a Ladyboy a dream or a fantasy just to see what she has in her panties or are you objectivising Trans women? Or are you really looking for a long-term relationship with a Ladyboy beauty?

What do you really know about Ladyboys?

  • What do you know about Ladyboys? A very good question. Some Trans oriented men know that Ladyboys are Transgender women, but they don’t know about the trials and tribulations they have faced since young. A little research goes a long way as it is said. For example, you might want to know that being a Ladyboy is not a lifestyle choice or a passing phase in their lives. Being Trans is the result of having gender dysphoria which is a mis-match of the mind or emotional being and the body. It can work both way and you have FtM or female to male Trans people too. However, Ladyboys and MtF (male to female) tend to be much more visible. Perhaps this is to do with the century’s old fascination of male bodied people dressing as females?

You should also understand that high numbers of Ladyboys face discrimination and prejudices in many countries in the world. Some of this is over, and some not. In the more, progressive, liberal countries it is tolerance and not acceptance which is in the dominance. Yet, there are still glass ceilings to be broken.

There is no one type of Ladyboy to date

  • What type of Ladyboy attracts you? Apart from the obvious answer: a beautiful one, consider: are you looking for a Ladyboy:
  • who has had no major surgeries; well, apart from some facial cosmetic enhancements such as a nose reshape, brow lift or cheek implants;
    • who has had breast augmentation but no genital surgery; usually still called pre-op; or
    • who has had breast augmentation plus genital reconstruction and, therefore, has a fully functioning vagina and is often referred to as post-op
  • Does the sexuality of the Ladyboy really matter to you? A tricky one. Most Ladyboys, even if they still have a penis, consider themselves female and hence logically they are attracted to men. They do not see themselves as gay. On the other hand, you will find pre-op or bi-Ladyboys who like men and perceive themselves as gay (or bi-). Western men tend to have more of a hang up about sexuality than Asian males. You only have to look at the relevant legislation which was introduced to India, Hong Kong and Singapore by the UK when it was Empire building to have a better understanding of this. But at least consider the point;

Ladyboys can be loving long-term companions

  • What are my expectations? Finally, be realistic. A Ladyboy or Trans women is just that, a woman to all intents and purposes. You will need to treat her as such and accept all of the issues which go with it. Many Ladyboys are well educated and with good careers. Once you have met her on Date Ladyboys and established your relationship, be prepared to treat her as our equal. Especially if you really are in it for the long-term!