Taking some advice about dating Ladyboys

“Hey Warren, you know I told you I was planning to join the Date Ladyboys datingsite a few weeks ago? It’s that specialized site for Trans oriented men looking to date Ladyboys that also has an ladyboy Dating App for Android. The one that Karl mentioned.”

“Oh, yes…, you did mention it. How did you get on?” asked Warren as he leaned forward to be closer to Jim. “Did you find any nice Ladyboys to date?” he whispered.

“Well, that’s just it. I’ve met this really lovely Trans-pinay called Riza online,” said Jim. “I’ve been talking to her day and night for the last few weeks. And the best bit of it is that she lives in Sydney. Only fifteen minutes from where I live. In fact, I’ve had two dates with her already.”

“Oh.., wow, lucky you. Tell me more about her.”

“Well, she’s obviously a Ladyboy or Trans-pinay, as they call them in The Philippines. She’s been in Australia for quite a few years now. Came here to study at Sydney Uni and basically stayed on. Has got her residency visa all sorted out and everything. Says she doesn’t want to go back to The Philippines as there’s more prejudice and discrimination against Ladyboys than here.”

Ladyboys still face prejudice and discrimination

“Hmmm…, I always thought Trans women were more accepted in The Philippines, there seem to be so many of them,” Warren said. “Whenever I’ve been in Manila, Ladyboys are everywhere. In bars and clubs but also in cosmetic shops, hair salons, and even working in government offices or at Immigration.”

“True, but Riza said its tolerance and not outright acceptance. You know how religious The Philippines is and how the church controls everything and frowns upon anyone who is different. Plus, she is worried about her family, about what they think. Apparently, it’s not good for them if their only male child is known to be a Ladyboy,” Jim explained. He called a waiter over and asked for two coffees, nodding at Warren to confirm he wanted one.

“Black and no sugar, thanks,” said Warren to the waiter. He turned back to face Jim. “But tell me about Riza herself.”

“Well, the only thing I can really say is that she is absolutely stunning. Long black hair, great figure. And so feminine. Honestly, much better looking than most genetic women. Plus, she’s got a good degree and works as a researcher for a marketing company. The perfect woman!”

Warren smiled. “She sounds great. But why did you use the DateLadyboys site to find her? There are lots of Trans women in Sydney. I know, I’ve seen them in Kings Cross and other places across the city. You can try and date one of them.”

Ladyboy Dating App for Android
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A Ladyboy dating site brings the best results

“Hmm… yes, but, if you think about it using a Trans dating site is the most effective way to find a nice Ladyboy, someone who may be compatible with you. It’s not easy to walk up to a Ladyboy on the street or in a bar or club and start talking to her. She may already have a boyfriend or partner or may not be looking to date at this time. Or she might be defensive as there are so many men who just want to “try a Ladyboy” or see them as some sort of fetish. Most Trans-women on the site I use are looking for a genuine man for a long-term relationship,” explained Jim as he sipped his coffee. “No short-term liaisons.”    

“Makes sense,” agreed Warren. “I guess you’ve got plenty of choice of Ladyboys on the site. Are there Transgender women from only Australia or from all over the world?”

There are all sorts of Ladyboys on dating sites

“Oh…, from almost everywhere you can think of.  As you know, being Trans is not confined to any one country and there are also Trans-women of all varieties: you know, pre-op, post-op and some who have never had surgeries. Someone for everyone as it were.” Jim paused in contemplation. “Actually, I started by contacting and talking with 7-8 different Ladyboys, just to see which one I found there was any synergy or connection with. I chatted with lots of nice T-girls but gradually narrowed it down and down until I focused on Riza. She and I just seemed to hit it off. We have similar interests and goals and she already has her visa and is established in her career. Just think how long it would have taken me to find her if I hadn’t used the DateLadyboys site.”

“And you managed to do it by just sitting behind your computer,” Warren murmured. “As you said, no need to be running around the bars and clubs. But one thing, I’m your best friend so I can ask this. Aren’t you worried about your friends and colleagues might say when they know you are dating a Ladyboy?”

Jim put his coffee cup down on the small table and thought for a few moments. “No, not really. Riza may be a Ladyboy in name but fundamentally she is a woman. A “complete” woman. There is really no difference between dating her and dating a genetic woman. I defy anyone who says different.”

“I see…, interesting,” mused Warren. “Is the DateLadyboys site easy to join? I might have a look myself. Just out of curiosity you understand.”