What Ladyboys look for in men

When I posted my profile on my DateLadyboys, I was hoping to find a man who was:

  • genuine and sincere;
  • kind and sharing;
  • obviously prefers a Ladyboy or Transgender woman like me;
  • looking for a long-term relationship
  • compatible mentally and physically and sexually;
  • handsome (of course!);
  • with enough money to be able to take care of me (although I have my own business)

Why may you ask, was I being so particular? Shouldn’t I be grateful that any man would show an interest in a Trans woman? After all, Ladyboys do not suit everyone, I hear you say…

What most Ladyboys look for in men

Well, let me enlarge on some of the above points and then I’ll tell you why dating a Transgender woman is so popular. From what I can see dating Trans women is the biggest growth sector in online dating and I believe that sites like DateLadyboys get new members and make new matches every day.  

Which woman doesn’t want a man who is genuine and sincere? Maybe Ladyboys want a man like this more so as we get approached by a lot of curiosity seeking, who just want to find out what’s in our panties. They don’t really want to know us as people just as their fantasy.

For a man to be kind and sharing is also very important. I know that I see any relationship I am in as a partnership. Hopefully for the long-term. I am happy to share my life with a man I love and take care of him. I am emotionally a woman, after all.

ladyboy dating on DateLadyboys.com
Date Ladyboys – Ladyboy Dating Site with a focus on Asian Trans women

Ladyboys are in relationships for the long-term

I guess it goes without saying that if a man has a profile or is looking for women on DateLadyboys he is interested in Transgender women. Still it’s worth checking out his intentions before you meet.

I, like many other T-girls, are not looking for a short-term relationship. I don’t want to be used to satisfy someone’s fetish, dream or curiosity. If a man wants a short-term (paid) relationship there are plenty of other Ladyboys who will oblige. I’m purely in this for the long-term.

It’s the same with regular hetero relationships, especially between foreign men and Asian women. A man falls in love with a beautiful genetic or Transgender woman but after they have had sex a few times, the couple finds that that is not compatible mentally. The sex may be really wonderful but you can’t base a long-term relationship solely on being good in bed. After all, having sex might be 30 minutes or 1 hour per day! For me, I need someone who can stimulate me mentally well as make me orgasm when I need him to!

Being handsome, just like being beautiful, is in the eye of the beholder. It’s subjective. I know what I like in a man’s physical appearance, I know what turns me on! But honestly, most of the above points I mention are far more important to me that the man I love having “film-star” looks. It is what is inside which really counts. When I talk to my Ladyboys friends, they say the same thing.

And, finally, money. Yes, this important, but again is to all women, whether cis-gendered or Trans. By the way, it’s not as if I want to take money from the man I date and form a long-term relationship with. I just want to have a nice, reasonably comfortable life. As I said I have my own business and can actually support myself. But if a man can surprise me and take me on a nice romantic holiday somewhere, that would be my dream. I just hope he has enough money to do it!

Ladyboys have more struggles than other women for sure. But our needs and wants are the same as any other woman. I’d also like to have a family or children one day, but only if my lover agrees.

So, there we are. That’s all I would like in a man. And I know from some of the many replies I have been getting to my profile on DateLadyboys that there are men out there who will be just right for me.

Ladyboy dating with a focus on Asian Trans-women

And what are they getting in return?

Well, I can say I am:

  • honest and hard-working with a determination to succeed in my business and make it grow;
  • also determined to make a relationship work on a long-term with any man who I feel is compatible with me;
  • loving and loyal to a man who treats me well;
  • well educated with a variety of hobbies and interests;
  • (or so I like to think) good in bed. I know what turns a man on and enjoy sexual activity to the full. I have fully transitioned so I have a working vagina and can honestly say if you didn’t know, you might have a problem believing I am a Transgender woman.

So, if you like what you read, get in touch! I’ll be here waiting….