Where can I meet other Ladyboys?

Make no mistake about it. It is hard being a Transgender woman or Ladyboy, as T-girls are often called. Before specialized dating sites such as DateLadyboys were widely available it was even harder.

For those Ladyboys who have not come out to friends and family or work colleagues, there is the fear and stress of such a revelation. They never quite know who is going to empathize with them or be supportive of their news. Or, on the other hand, who is going to ostracise them or cut them off from their social or business circles. Family members are often the worst in terms of being aghast or upset at the news that the person they have known all of their lives is Trans. There are countless examples of Ladyboys no longer speaking with their immediate family members, even their parents, for several years following their coming out. Isolation can follow and the challenges of getting ahead in a difficult world are magnified when there is no-one to turn to for help.

Ladyboys can be easily stereotyped

Unfortunately, many stereotypes still abound when people think of members of the LGBTQI community, especially those in the T community. Partly due to the fame of Thai Ladyboys and Trans-pinay from The Philippines who star in magnificent cabarets shows, Ladyboys have a worldwide reputation for femininity and beauty. The general public often associates Trans women with such entertainment and only see the glamorous side of being Transgender. They don’t see the challenges and ordeals many Trans women have to contend with.

Yes, for sure, the visibility of Trans women and Ladyboys has risen quite dramatically over the last ten or twelve years. This has largely been due to social media helping bring greater awareness and tolerance. There are now Ladyboys or Trans women starring in films or on TV shows; appearing in magazines or walking the catwalk infamous fashion shows. Yet many Ladyboys still face deeply ingrained prejudices and discrimination. Some of such prejudice may be overt but much is very subtle and covert. It may involve a Ladyboy not getting a job they are well qualified for due to concerns about their Trans status. Or being called names and denied health or medical care when just as eligible as any other citizen. Or, even worse, being attacked and vilified by others in society simply as they wish to live their lives as they are meant to.

Ladyboys generally just wish to live a regular life

If you take the above two points together, it’s easy to see why finding other Ladyboys to meet and befriend is important. But, also, why it can be a major challenge. Finding another Ladyboy to meet may be especially difficult for those Trans women living in smaller towns or cities where there may be few other Ladyboys. Or, even if there are other T-girls close by, such girls may not be compatible in terms of friendship or may already be in a relationship with a man and not wishing to meet.

So, the most effective, logical way to meet other Ladyboys is to join a specialized Transgender dating site. DateLadyboys is one of the most well-known, respectable sites on the internet. Not only does it offer dating opportunities for men looking to date Ladyboys but also provides a great forum for Ladyboys to meet each other.

ladyboy dating on DateLadyboys.com
Date Ladyboys – Ladyboy Dating Site with a focus on Asian Trans women

There are a variety of Ladyboys from all over the world on the site, with T-girls from Thailand, The Philippines (Trans-pinay) and Indonesia. Many more are from the UK and US, plus a plethora of European countries such as Sweden, Germany and France. The chance of finding another Ladyboy you can connect with is, therefore, very high.

Ladyboys need friends to share experiences with

Making friends on the site is easy as most Ladyboys will have had a similar journey and can relate to each other. They know all about the challenges they faced growing up when they knew they were different but we’re not sure why. They can share common experiences about the first time they dressed in female clothing and the feelings of being comfortable presenting as a woman.

Joining such dating sites is easy and can be achieved very quickly. Indeed, the signing in the process can be achieved in a matter of minutes. What’s more, many Ladyboy dating sites are free for T-girls to join, so there is no reason for a Trans woman not to join. Free access to find other Ladyboy friends and also, perhaps, to find a foreign man to date. Something well worth considering for any T-girl! And something which can be achieved from the comfort of your own home and from behind your keyboard. No need to get ready and waste time going out and about looking for other Trans women to meet up with!

With such a growing number of visible Ladyboys nowadays, Trans dating sites are an integral part of the T-community. So, what’s to stop you joining DateLadyboys, one of the best T-girl sites on the internet to meet other Ladyboys tonight?