Why Ladyboy dating sites are so popular?

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DateLadyboys caters to men from all over the world who are looking for a Ladyboy to date and enjoy a long-term relationship with. Especially at New Year, when many people are looking for love and companionship. All of the Ladyboys on the site are looking for the same thing. Just like most genetic women, Ladyboys need someone to take care of them, be there for them. They want someone who can love them and are more than willing to give love in return.

With greater awareness of Ladyboys and Transgender related issues, the membership numbers of DateLadyboys continue to grow daily. The composition of members also changes frequently as male members and Ladyboy members come and go. This is usually as both parties find their “perfect match” and either temporarily or permanently suspend their active memberships. We find that there is a big increase in activity over the New Year holiday as members look to start the New Year on a high note with a new partner.

Ladyboy dating sites are one of the biggest online dating growth stories

Most members join either after finding the site via an internet search or by recommendations from friends or colleagues who may have used the site in the past. If members know they have a high chance of success in meeting a partner right for them, naturally they will tell others. And the chances of finding your ideal Ladyboy are very high. After all, there are only single, available, beautiful Ladyboys on the site!

On DateLadyboys, there are male members from the US, UK, Germany, France and Holland especially. Plus, Hungary, Spain and even Australia, And a very high percentage of Ladyboys from Thailand and Ladyboys from The Philippines. Yet, there are other Trans women from Vietnam, China, Singapore and Hong Kong on the membership roll.

Most foreign men are spoilt for choice when it comes to looking for a Ladyboy of their dreams. Invariably such Ladyboys are younger than the men looking for them with a typical age gap of 10-20 years. Another big positive for men looking for a new wife or a younger woman he can dote on! After all, if you can find a young, beautiful Ladyboy to take care of you in the New Year, why not?

A number of foreign men start thinking they want to date Ladyboys with pre-conceived ideas about what the relationship will be like. Indeed, there is a small proportion of men to whom dating a Ladyboy is a fantasy, something “to be tried” or even just to satisfy their curiosity. They are focussed on the sex part of the potential relationship without realizing that no two Ladyboys are the same. Just as no two women are the same.

Ladyboys are all different, physically and academically

Broadly speaking, on the physical side there are two types of Ladyboys. Firstly, there are Ladyboys who have not yet had gender confirmation surgery. They may have had breast implants and some facial feminization surgery. This may involve reshaping their noses or chins, or perhaps raising their eyebrows and bringing their hairline forward. But they still have their penises. Keeping their organs may be due to personal choice or lack of funds to have the necessary operations. It may also be due to beliefs.

The second type of Ladyboy will already have had full gender confirmation. She will have a fully functioning, working vagina and can more than likely climax or orgasm just like a regular female.

Here we are talking about the physical side of a Ladyboy and this should not be confused with their sexuality.  A pre-op Ladyboy may like men or women or both as sexual partners. As may a post-op Ladyboy. It really all depends on the person herself. Yet, as a generalization, it is more likely that a Ladyboy will prefer to have sexual relations with men. She will probably adopt the more passive female role unless, of course, she has a fully functioning penis and wants to use it during sex.

Another incorrect assumption about Ladyboys relates to their typical profession and, as an adjunct, their educational level. Many Ladyboys have college or University degrees. It might be in marketing, communications, technology or one of the sciences. Just because a woman is Transgender does not men she is not educated. Many Ladyboys in Asia run businesses or hold senior positions in government, listed companies or even political office.

Of course, the more visible Ladyboys seen by tourist or short-term visitors may well work in bars or nightclubs or massage or retail outlets, as well as the ubiquitous cabaret shows. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking all Ladyboys are like this.

Ladyboy dating on DateLadyboys

There are many men who enjoy long-term relationships with Ladyboy they met on DateLadyboys who subsequently have realized how lucky they are. Not only do they have great looking girlfriend but most Ladyboys are smart, savvy and able to earn a good income for themselves. She probably has fewer tantrums than a genetic woman, doesn’t have the “time of the month” issues and, of course, cannot get pregnant. Just a few more reasons why so many men are looking to date for Ladyboys on a long-term basis!

So, now the New Year is upon us what are you waiting for? Check out DateLadyboys and start looking for your new New Year partner now!