Why Ladyboys are great partners

If you are new to DateLadyboys you might be wondering why so many men say that Ladyboys women make great partners. If you have already dated a Trans woman in the past you might know some of the answers, but maybe not all of them!

Of course, not everyone is the same and T-girls can vary in personality, character, behavior and even looks. But, generally, many Ladyboys have core characteristics that are similar. They certainly have faced similar challenges along the way. In fact, after you have talked with several Trans women you will probably find that they share a remarkably similar journey. With many milestones in their lives that are almost exactly the same.

Many Ladyboys also have strong, in-built defensive mechanisms as they are uses do being discriminated against. So, it may take some time for you to get to know the inner thoughts of your Trans girlfriends. But, hey, that’s one of the beauties of online dating. You can search through as many profiles as you want on DateLadyboys and talk to as many T-girls as you want. You may end up talking in depth to 2 or 3 or 4 Ladyboys before you decide to meet. That is, you get a good sense of which lady is likely to be more compatible with you.

Ladyboys are essentially females with “benefits”

You will, no doubt, have done some research to hear and understand what other men say about dating Trans women. However, here is a distillation of some of the reasons our members talk about the most:

  • many Ladyboys feel that they have to “go that extra mile” when looking after their chosen man. They sub-consciously are comparing themselves to how a genetic woman might develop a relationship and take care of her man. So, they put in an extra effort in terms of how they look or what they cook or keep the home;
  • also, many Ladyboys overachieve academically. This may prove a point to themselves and their contemporaries that they are equal if not better than others. Or, in Asia it is not uncommon for the families of Trans girls to offer them a “carrot approach”. That is, the Ladyboy pursues her studies diligently and obtains a good degree the family may well help them achieve their goals. This might involve allowing the fledgling T-girl to dress in women’s clothes from a certain age or the family may pay the cost of doctors, hormones and surgeries. There is a clear incentive for the Ladyboy to do well as she knows she will reap her rewards later;
  • although Ladyboys are emotionally women and also by general appearance, there are some slight differences with genetic women. Apart from having an extra body part, that is! Temperamentally they are less prone to histrionics or “time of the month” mood swings. Many T-girls also behave more rationally than most natural women, although this may, again, be as they still retain a small proportion of maleness about them. There are well-documented cases of Ladyboys post-transition and post-gender affirmation surgery still wanting to play with cars or motorbike engines, spend time in their tool workshop or doing extreme sports normally only associated with males;
  • most Ladyboys have great pride in their appearance, whether this be in their choice of clothes and/or make-up. Presentation is very important and often always has been for Transgender women. Often this stems from the early days where they may have had to try that extra bit harder to appear convincingly as a female. It’s often said that, when a woman has “captured” her man, she pays less attention to her presentation—but the opposite seems to be true for most Ladyboys;
  • some Ladyboys have a high than normal testosterone levels in their bodies, even though they may be taking female hormones to suppress this. Whilst the hormones may suppress facial hair growth or muscle development, it doesn’t always suppress the libido. In short, many Transgender women have a higher sex drive than natural women. This stronger drive also lasts longer into middle age as there are no menopause issues to contend with!
  • Ladyboys can offer more variety in love making. If the T-girl has still got her penis and it still works she can be the “inserter” or “insertee” as required. If she does not have her penis there are still options for vaginal or anal sex. Of course, one assumes that the male partner of any Trans woman is not only looking of “plain vanilla” sex so there are plenty other sexual options available. An added bonus is that Ladyboys cannot get pregnant to there is no worries about contraception or “rubbering up” every time either partner gets horny and is looking for sex;

Well, do we need to offer any more evidence that Transgender women make great partners? If so, as a final point, you only have to look at the huge number of successful matches between foreign men and Trans women via DateLadyboys to see that Ladyboys are the ideal girlfriend, wife or partner! What are you waiting for, start searching for your T-girl now!