Ladyboy dating App for Android has been released

Great New Free App from for Android just made finding Ladyboy relationships so much easier.


January 10, 2020:, one of the original websites for Ladyboy dating, has just made dating so much easier for Trans attracted men looking to date Ladyboys or Asian Trans women.

How? Well, DateLadyboys, which is considered as the #1 Ladyboy dating site, has recently introduced a quite unique free Ladyboy Dating App for use with Android phones. This App includes all of the main features of the dating website. More importantly, it enables its members looking to date or establish relationships with Ladyboys or Asian Trans women through their Smartphones or portable devices whilst “on the go”.

DateLadyboys has created this App as part of its ongoing efforts to maintain its position as the one of the most popular Ladyboy dating sites around.

Date Ladyboys App

Scan the QR-code with your photo or click HERE to download the Dating App in the Google Play store.

DateLadyboys is a pioneer in Ladyboy dating

Long before the idea of Trans oriented men dating Ladyboys, or vice versa, became more acceptable to general society, DateLadyboys saw a clear demand in this sector of the dating market. Accordingly, it launched its Ladyboy dating website with an array of specialised services for discerning Trans attracted men seeking to date and forge relationships with Ladyboys.

Over the years, as the number of clients using DateLadyboys has continued to grow, the site has become the premier website specifically designed for Ladyboys and Trans oriented men looking for relationships with each other.

Amazing new Ladyboy Dating App NOW available

This amazing new App, which is available in English is now on offer in an Android version (version 1.0.0) and requires Android 4.4 and up. It can be downloaded from Google Playstore and is free for Asian Trans-women and Ladyboys, as well as for the website’s male members.

Easy to download and use, this new free App further assists both Trans attracted men and Ladyboys in finding the right partner.

Some of the most popular features of the new App include:

Video Chat: a perennial favourite so you can see who you are talking to
Audio Chat: talk for as long as you like with the Asian Trans women you are attracted to
Popularity System: enjoy making contact with the most popular Ladyboys
Gift System: and, if you really like one of the Trans women, get them a special gift!

In addition, with the App it’s possible to get great pieces of advice and useful tips as to how best proceed with these types of relationships.

With this new advancement, DateLadyboys has, once again, been able to provide innovative ways to facilitate participants in Ladyboy and Asian Trans women dating to find each other more easily and, importantly, make contact whilst on the go.

Find your dream Asian Trans woman whilst out and about

Indeed, all members can use this new App whilst out and about, knowing that their chances of finding the right person to date, or someone who may eventually become their life partner, have just improved dramatically!

DateLadyboys decision to now offer additional services via this App for Asian Trans women and Ladyboys reflects the way that overall social attitudes have evolved over the last decade. Nowadays, those looking for Trans spouses, companions or lovers can be more confident that Transgender dating is becoming more mainstream as time goes by.

DateLadyboys new App also enables both Ladyboys and Asian Trans women to be secure in the knowledge that the men using the new App are really looking for a Trans partner. As a result, there is less chance of taking the time getting to know a Ladyboy or Trans oriented man, as the case may be, only to find that they are not really looking for a serious relationship. This frees up men and Trans women who are looking for a genuine relationship from the irritations and pitfalls of general dating, plus avoids any potential misunderstandings.

DateLadyboys continually introduces new ways for Trans oriented men to find Ladyboys

With its leading position in the market, DateLadyboys sees its new App as a celebration of Ladyboy and Trans dating, and the opening up new opportunities for both Trans attracted men and Ladyboys looking to date.

This new App will certainly also help ensure continued growth in membership and success for the website!

Date Ladyboys App

Scan the QR-code with your photo or click HERE to download the Dating App in the Google Play store.